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ADCO Custom RV Covers

Custom RV Cover Fabric Features

Protect your investment with a Custom RV Cover

How to place a Custom-fit RV Cover?

  • Know your RV measurements: length (including bumpers and ladder but excluding hitch)
  • Know your RV's Make, Model and Year
  • Know which door you want to have zipper door access to. Second zipper doors can be added for an extra fee
  • Click "Shop Now" after choosing the fabric type for your RV to order

How to measure your RV?

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  • Durable long life outdoor fabric
  • Sun, wind and rain will never dinish the color intensity
  • Resists moisture/mildew
  • Will not harden or crack
  • Soft material, promotes breathability
  • Designed for all climates and long term storage
  • Effectively blocks harmful UV rays
  • Keeps your RV cooler during warm weather by reflecting sunlight
  • Provides water resistance while allowing moisture to escape
  • Holds out dirt and dust particles that can scratch and damage your RV's surface
Storage Bag & Tyre GardsStorage Bag
5 years4 years
Tan / GreyWhite
Made in USAMade in USA
$34/linear foot$24/linear foot